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Align with your Top 5 Passions to put yourself on your own personal path to fulfilling your ultimate purpose or destiny.

Finding your passions means you will find that special place where happiness will be both an attitude and an emotion. 

  • What if you had a tool that could help you clarify your top 5 passions? 
  • What if you could learn the secret that will guarantee you a passionate life? 
  • What if you could take home with you a tool you can use again and again to stay connected to what matters most to you?

We tend to live life day by day but with no real purpose or passion. Only 33% of people around the world live their passions every day. It is time to gain CLARITY and live the lives that we truly deserve. 

BE who you want to be - DO what you want to do - HAVE what you want to have - but first get CLEAR on what that is. 

That's when The Passion Test comes into play. 


I invite you to join me in the Passion Test process including Two Private 1-hour Sessions of The Passion Test where you will finally expand your awareness to tune into what you were created for! All for a discounted price. Your time is NOW!!!! 

Each 1-on-1 Passion Session is regularly priced at $150, for at total $300 VALUE. When You Enroll NOW Today, you only pay $220 for both sessions and save $80!

Get Access to Pre-Work and instructions to guide you in your preparation for you Passion Test Sessions.

The sessions can be done via Skype or by phone, and we will schedule the sessions in a time that works for both of us. 

First 1-hr 1-on-1 Passion Test Session:

  • Move through limiting beliefs that may be holding you up from living the life of your dreams
  • Identify your top 5 passions so you can finally start living a HAPPIER life
  • Understand how to score your passions and the meaning of these scores
  • Learn one simple, yet powerful strategy that is guaranteed to keep you on track and aligned with your passions

Second 1-hr 1-on-1 Passion Test Session:

  • Understand and review markers to measure your progress
  • Go deep into defining your Ideal Happy Life
  • Identify the next steps on your journey toward Designing a Life You LOVE!

"My name is Maryuri Pacheco and I had the opportunity to make the best choice of doing the Passion Test with Anadel Alberti last week, it was 2 wonderful sessions of many discoveries. Anadel is a wonderful woman who gives you impeccable accompaniment. Her dedication to human quality, mastery of the tool and extraordinary role of Coach makes it an unforgettable and transformative experience. For me, discovering My 5 main passions gave me a lot of clarity and focus because the Passions guide me and help me to consciously choose them. The activity is magical because the power of writing comes into play and manifestation allows you to sound and visualize yourself living your passions and with that you experience a wonderful expansion. Do not forget to build your Board where you can visualize your Passions every day and thereby connect with them and choose each day in favor of them. Be sure to discover your passions"

Maryuri Pacheco

"Thanks to the Passion Test done by Anadel, I obtained much more clarity in the steps I must take to achieve my main dreams. I feel very focused to go for what my heart craves. I recommend it 100%. You can also do it from anywhere in the world. : D !!!"

Bianna Peña Rubio
Executive Director and Content Creator

"Doing the passion test was fun, easy and especially in the comfort of my home. Discovering what I really love doing, and having this clarity gives me more focus on precise goals to achieve more of what I want."

Ligia Calero
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

"There are many angels in life to teach us that there is always a way out... in this case that angel is you"

Cinthia Crismerlyn Zabala Rodriguez

Are you ready to live the HAPPY and PASSIONATE life that you deserve to live? 



"When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the extent that you are clear.” - Janet Attwood, creator of The Passion Test


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